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NLA Official statement N° 9


TETOVA (Macedonia), April 2, 2001 / daily "FAKTI"

NLA Official statement Nr. 9
1. Our struggle had gone through several phases so far. The first phase was warning on the danger situation to which the ethnic Macedonian state forces had been leading the country. The second phase marked the beginning of the NLA struggle on the first front lines to protect the attacked population in Karadak (Crna Gora) region and along Gjerme - Recica line and Tetova - Veice depth. NLA has successfully resisted the 'torched land' offensive launched by the Macedonian forces. Now we are entering the phase when the NLA struggle on liberation from the Macedonian state domination would continue with combined forms, suitable to the present military and political situation.
2. We welcome the patriotic act of Hysni Shaqiri MP who joined our ranks. We inform all the MP's that they are welcomed to join our fight for freedom.
3. NLA is a non-party structure. Therefore, all party activities and propaganda are banned.
4. NLA demands are clear, with an essential demand of changing the Constitution, enabling Macedonia to exist as a state of two equal nations, without denying the rights of the others.
5. NLA stands for negotiations with the Macedonian side. Negotiations are always led between the two conflicting sides. In this case, the conflicting sides are the Albanians and the Macedonians, i.e. the Macedonian Government and the NLA armed forces. Therefore, negotiations without NLA participation would make no sense and would be considered as non-valid.