27/03/2001 - Trepça.net


TETOVA (Macedonia), Mars 27, 2001 / Emin AZEMI, publisher of FAKTI  Daly  Newspaper
Suspicious arrests !
As far as the genesis of the crises is concerned, since the crises began in Tanusha, the evaluation of the Macedonian state structures has been constant: "Terrorists have come from Kosova, conducting invasion in Macedonia".
After the last offensive of the Macedonian police and army, the dilemma  ether "the terrorists were from Kosova or from Macedonia still remains unexplained to the public.The last action by arresting many Albanians, either from the cities or those from the upper villages of Tetova, makes this dilemma even more confused.
If this operation continues with the same intensity, another question arises and remains open: Why the Macedonian structures continuously has been accusing the Kosovars for invasion, where in the meantime they are imprisoning The Albanians from Macedonia?
Legal expertises, may probably locate sources of the crises precisely, respectively the carriers of the activities, which the court considers them to be "oriented against the integrity and sovereignty of Macedonia".It would be counter-productive if imposed methods during the overcoming of the situation are activated, methods which by all means want to create a kind of preparatory terrain "to judge the terrorism through unfounded accusations".
You get the impression as if particular segments of the state accomplish in the cities what they could not do in the mountains, through arresting people with and without excuses. What worries is the fact that among those arrested are intelectuals, translators of the foreign organisations, school principals, political parties' activists, teachers, etc. In most of the cases, according to the arrested people's laywers, we have to do with unfounded and suspicious accusations, set upps and accelerated police actions.
It is clear that political parties , especially the Albanian political party at the Government, are in the most difficult position. Nevertheless, it would be quite effective if the intervention of these political parties to stop this furious action of the security organs takes place immediately. The great moral resource of the Albanian political parties in overcoming the crisis would be sufficient as a guarantee for all these innocent individuals who have been arrested.
1001 proofs exist and they talk in favour of the innosence of these people, of which most of them, in the civil life, are known as honorable, loyal and proffesionally distinguished people.